Bringing The Heat For A Cause

The following is an anecdote about one of the mainstays of our menu. We think it’s a pretty delicious story.

In 1994 Lee Taylor, a Palo Alto Fireman, decided to grow peppers in a small garden behind the firehouse. Lee then went on a 3 week vacation, and left it to his confidantes to pick the peppers. Upon returning, he noticed that the bush had overgrown to become a sprawling mass of ripe red peppers. While the scene might have been mind-boggling, his vision was mind-bottling.

Taylor started making sauces with the peppers, slowly developing the sauce with adjustments to his recipe. Friends, family, and anyone that would try it began to feel the burn of this sauce that had heat with the flavor to match. Taylor had always strived to help the community, and this was his time to do it.

With a product that was beginning to heat up in the local area, he started bike rides from Palo Alto to Los Angeles. With great momentum, Taylor came to LYFE Kitchen’s first restaurant in Palo Alto.

Ever the salesman, Taylor stopped by LYFE Kitchen and talked up his sauce, imploring the culinary team to “just try it!” A quick taste revealed that this was no ordinary sauce, and it was decided that it had to be on our menu.

Now that we have the back story, let’s talk about how what Lee Taylor does with the proceeds. Ever the philanthropist, he knew that there was a need for the firehouse to engage with the local community. And boy did he ever, funding student scholarships, events for fallen firefighters, and helping local non-profits like the Ronald McDonald House! As LYFE Kitchen continues to grow, we’ve made sure to take this delicious do-gooder with us.

So the next time you come in and get our Quinoa Crunch Wrap or Bowl, or just want to kick-up one of our items with it on the side, know that you’re doing good while eating good! Check out the sauce, and learn more here:


This is a great story, and we needed a little help remembering it. Here’s our source:


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