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The local beer trend is here to stay, and we’re glad because we enjoy serving such great beer at our restaurants. Here are some of our local brew partners and what they’re all about.

Wiseacre Brewing Co. (Tennessee):

“WISEACRE is a brewery committed to top quality, uniquely flavorful beer that appeals to passionate & progressive people through education & good times.  The brewery name comes from a term of endearment/scolding their grandmother used on the young troublemakers.  Brothers Davin & Kellan Bartosch dreamed up WISEACRE many moons ago & have been on an extensive quest procuring top-notch experience from around the globe to deliver the crunkest brewery possible in their groovy hometown of Memphis, TN.”

Saint Arnold Brewing Company (Texas):

“Saint Arnold Brewing Company, located in Houston, is Texas’ Oldest Craft Brewery. Our goal is to brew world class beers and deliver them to our customers as fresh as possible making them the best beers in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Our customers are beer lovers – people that appreciate great, full-flavored beers.

Our small crew does everything at the brewery: brew the beer, filter the beer, keg the beer, bottle the beer, sell the beer and drink the beer. For us, this is a passion, not a job. We believe that this comes through in the beers we make. Our beers have soul.

We brew several different beers; some are year round, some are seasonal and a few are single batch brews. They are available in bars, restaurants, grocery stores, liquor stores and warehouse stores throughout Texas, Louisiana and Florida.

Our first keg of beer was shipped on June 9, 1994. Founded by Brock Wagner and Kevin Bartol, we chose Houston because, other than living here, this was the largest city in the country that did not have a microbrewery. Brock was a longtime homebrewer and had considered opening a brewery as far back as college, although that was quickly dismissed as a silly idea. Seven years after graduating, Brock revisited the idea, enlisted Kevin’s help and the brewery was off and running. Kevin has since left the business after a bitter battle. (Just kidding – but don’t you wish people wrote that when it was the truth?).”

Ballast Point (Henderson):

“After developing a taste for beer in college, founder Jack White decided to try making more interesting beer than he could find in the store or at a keg party. Jack, along with his college roommate Pete A’Hearn, began home brewing in their apartment at UCLA and soon realized it wasn’t easy to get access to the various supplies and ingredients he wanted—nor did he have anyone with whom to trade ideas about brewing.

In 1992, Jack opened Home Brew Mart, which he filled with the supplies, ingredients, and conversation every brewer needed to make better beer at home. His plan was to one day take this hobby to the pro level and start a brewery. Around the same time, Pete went off to UC Davis to get his master brewer’s certificate – they soon found a collaborator in Yuseff Cherney, a fellow home brewer with a similar passion and a set of home brewing awards to boot. Yuseff became Home Brew Mart’s first employee and was part of the team to open a “back room” brewery behind the shop. In 1996, Ballast Point Brewing was born.”

Butcherknife Brewing Company (Colorado):

“We know that craft beer drinkers like to try new things. But we tend to think that once you’ve sampled our selection, you’ll be back for some more.

As our facility fills with the aromas of roasted malt, hops and the best water in Colorado, you begin to feel the difference in how we brew. We experiment with brewing beer in almost the same way you experiment with drinking it.

If great water makes incredible beer then Steamboat Springs has got to be the soul center of the craftiest beer on the planet. Our location provides us first use off the Continental Divide which means pure, unadulterated, fresh, clean water goes into the heart of every batch we make.”

Drake’s Brewing (Northern California): 

“In 1989, Northern California was leading the charge in the original era of the American micro-brewing movement. Early that year Drake’s founder Roger Lind, a former brewer at one of the nation’s first brewpubs Triple Rock Brewing in Berkeley, made the trip down to industrial San Leandro with the Triple Rock owner John Martin to check out a warehouse space for a new brewery.

They agreed, this former powerhouse of a Caterpillar manufacturing plant seemed like the perfect spot to scrape together Lind’s pioneering new draft-only production brewery. Lind put together a humble assortment of equipment including two stainless steel dairy tanks, a 15 bbl boil kettle, one fermenter, and a handful of British pub cellar tanks or “Grundy tanks” and starting making English-style ales. A bit of a privateer himself in this new and seemingly crazy idea to open a small production brewery, Lind decided to name his “Lind Brewing Company” beers after the English privateer Sir Francis Drake.

And so the journey began. Lind would brew the beer, keg it, do the books, deliver the kegs, schmooze with beer folks, and get ready to do it again the next day. Then, every Friday, he’d invite his friends over for some beers and a BBQ in the parking lot by the brewery office. These Friday BBQ’s eventually became the heart and soul of the operation, as friends and the local community stopped by to hang out, drink some fresh local beers, and often give their opinions freely about all things beer related. Eventually this tradition inspired Drake’s First Friday fundraisers every month as a way to give back to the community that has been stopping by and supporting since the beginning.

Over the years, the beers naturally moved from their roots in the English-style to being true West Coast style ales with an abundance of fresh Pacific Northwest hops, top quality malt, and a neutral California Ale yeast strain that allows the flavors and aromas of the top quality malts and hops to shine through and gives the beer a clean, dry finish. The people loved it all, and their increasing thirsts helped Drake’s to grow tank by tank.

Since 2008, Drake’s has been constantly expanding, growing in production by an average 50% each year and constantly working to create new and fascinating beers for the fans and fellow hop lovers. Some of the most exciting beers out of the brewery are the annual seasonals that the people crave months in advance like the intensely hop-forward Hopocalypse Double IPA and it’s younger bigger brother the Hopocalypse Black Label Triple IPA at 12.5% ABV. On the other end of the spectrum, Drake’s has pushed forward the cause of brewers and craft drinkers seeking session ales that fit their tastes with our satisfyingly hoppy and surprisingly low alcohol by volume Alpha Session IPA. Then of course starting in 2009, Drake’s took its exploration of hop aromatics to new heights in the seasonal double dry-hopped IPA, Aroma Coma IPA and later in Coma’s New Zealand hopped twin Aroma Prieta.

Also in this time, Drake’s has worked hard to grow and nurture its barrel-aging program from its beginnings with 6-10 barrels in 2007, to its current point with approximately 250 barrels of various origins including red and white wine, port, brandy, bourbon, whiskey, and rye whiskey barrels. Drake’s experimentation with barrel-aging has made the brewery a leader in this style in the Bay Area, and plans to bottle some of the best from the barrels are currently in development for sometime in 2015. Until that time, Drake’s fans have been finding their barrel-aged fix at Drake’s Barrel House, the brewery’s still relatively new tasting room, retail store, and craft beer home, built in June of 2011, where all Drake’s brews, including 3-5 barrel-aged beers are flowing regularly.

Even still, as Drake’s grows, it is as apparent as ever that Drake’s greatest assets are the passionate and talented people here in San Leandro who meticulously strive to produce amazing and innovative craft beers every single day and the equally passionate Drake’s fans that have helped support this small brewery for over 25 years. It’s their pride and passion that helps Drake’s fill the tanks each day, and it’s is the heart of all success past, present, and future. Cheers.”

Mother Earth Brewing (Southern California):

“Take the goodness of garden-grown products, the warmth of small town life, the earthy ethic of rock ‘n roll, a deep respect for a time-honored craft…and you have the ingredients of Mother Earth Brewing. Born in the summer of 2008, Mother Earth is the dream-child of Stephen Hill and Trent Mooring, two guys from Kinston, North Carolina, a sweet southern town in the heart of the old tobacco belt.”

Two Brothers (Illinois):


Two Brothers is more than just craft beer, or artisan coffee, or a fun place to hang out. Two Brothers is about brewing with our beliefs, roasting with no regrets, and creating an atmosphere where friends and family come first.


This means maintaining higher standards, even if that means lowering production capacity. Taking care of every customer that walks through our door as well as giving back to our community. Saving this family owned business for future generations, not selling out to a big corporation. Making the most memorable collection of artisan products while making the least environmental impact. And working in a way friends, fans, and most important, Jim and Jason’s mom can be proud of.

Craft with a Conscience has been passed down through the Two Brothers family. Their grandfather, a dairy farmer, also passed down his bulk milk tanks that the brothers originally converted into fermenters. Now it’s grown into 40,000 square foot facility with a 50 barrel brewing system and 3000 barrels of fermentation space. Two Brothers continually finds ways to use technology to improve efficiency and conserve energy. They also find ways to support the community where they’ve grown up, whether it’s sponsoring local teams, donating spent grain to local farmers, or protecting the area’s natural resources.”

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